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  • Singing should never hurt. If your throat hurts at any time during a practice session, stop immediately. Otherwise you can risk serious injury to your vocal cords.
  • Make sure you’re always well hydrated by drinking water before, during, and after practice. Don’t let your vocal cords get dry.
  • Avoid practicing or singing when you’re sick. Don’t practice if your throat is sore.
  • Never strain your voice, and never exceed the highest notes you can reach comfortably.
  • To take care of your voice, always strive for complete relaxation and comfort in your throat. The more deeply you breathe and the more fully you relax, the better you will sound.
  • Avoid shouting while singing. As you get better at singing, you will be able to have more range, power, and dynamics without any feeling of shouting. You will also be able to pack more emotion into your performance, without feeling the need to shout or strain.
  • Develop your voice gradually. Your muscles will need time to develop.


15 thoughts on “Vocal Health”

  1. This is a near perfect system. I am thrilled with the scope and effectiveness of this app. Good on you! I’ll be sharing this with many others.

  2. We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying the app! I’ve quoted your review on the App Store description. Being new, the app isn’t very visible right now, so all reviews, ratings, downloads, and recommendations to friends help a lot. Assuming it does well, we’ll work on adding some more exciting features, including one more that has never been done in any app or platform before. So your support is definitely appreciated.

  3. This app is a genius godsend! Ive had a project going for the past three years now and have struggled so much with my pitches, keys, you name it. A voice develops with time and mine has come a long ways since the start since I’ve taken a few lessons here and there and watched many YouTube videos. But after a while the lessons are just way too expensive and YouTube becomes redundant. So One night after loosing my cell phone I had to go and get a new one and said hey I may as well try the iPhone. Bought it brought it home and then it hit me Heey I wonder if they have a singing app searched it and found this marvelous help! Ive been training everyday and have seen dramatic results. My confidence and skills are rising everyday thanks to this. And If I get a record deal after completing and distributing my demo it’s because of this app!

    1. Really glad to hear! We’ve put an incredible amount of effort into building this app, and I’m very pleased to hear such great feedback. Good luck with your demo! We’d love to hear it when it’s complete.

  4. Thanks for your easy to understand, but incredibly effective vocal training program. I have always wanted to learn how to sing well enough to have the confidence to sing in public, but after hearing a tape recording of my voice as a teenager, was convinced that my voice sounded awful. I tried other self-learning books and programs over the years, but never really understood what I needed to do to improve, or the lessons were too long and boring – with no feedback. I am actually enjoying you app, and I am confident that I am steadily improving enough to one day allow myself to be heard singing in public. As the saying goes, you app is cheap at twice the price!!! Robert S.

  5. Great app. I took voice for about a year and a half twelve years ago. Since then, life has happened. Started working after college, then back to school for four years, then kids came while building my dental practice. I have never stopped listening to music and singing along, but just decided to get back into music after all this time. Funny thing is I sound better now than I did then and your app has got me back in the swing of things quickly. I know what the feedback says with its comments after a session, but what is a good percentage. At what percentage is the human ear able to tell from 100%? I know that may be a very hard question to answer. For example, would professional recording artists (country, perhaps), nail it at 100%? Just curious as to the practical nature of the percentages. Again, awesome app. Lots of fun.

    1. Happy to hear you’re finding the app useful and fun. To answer your question, anything above 60 or 70% is good enough based on my experience working with some professional singers who sound really good. Although I now achieve much higher scores myself because I’ve been using the app a lot for testing, I don’t think that’s necessary to sound good. Note that 50% corresponds roughly to the line in the middle of two semitones. Therefore, if you score less than 50%, that means you’re closer to another note, and people will hear you as flat or sharp. But if you’re above 70% or so, you are indeed very close to the target note, and most people should perceive your voice to be perfectly in tune. Once you’re able score above that level, I would strictly focus on the lesson instructions and follow those so you build resonance, breathing technique, etc. which will help you sound great.

      1. This was my question. I would suggest adding it to your instructions. A lot of us tend to think we’re not really good unless we are “A students,” and “A student” scores 93% or better.
        This is also important because your model singer is considerably better than 70%.

  6. Is ot normal to feel tired voice, for about twenty minutes, after a practice secion? I have doubt if it is because of the excersise or if I’m forcing, but during practice I care of not feeling any stress and to do the tecnics of singing lessons.
    The app is great, it gives you real biofeedback, than some teachers don’t give

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for sending in your question – it is a very good one. It can be common to feel a bit tired vocally sometimes after practicing, because you may be using muscles that are in development. A short rest should be enough to feel vocally energized again. If your voice feels tired frequently after practice then you may be working it too hard.

      And if you are feeling discomfort or strain, that means that you need to take more care with your voice and don’t push it – but it sounds like you are doing a great job of paying attention to this.

      I suggest the following:

      1. Take a 10-15 minute break after your warm-up, before carrying on to other exercises.

      2. Lower the range that you are practicing in by 2-3 notes.

      Have fun and let us know how it goes!

  7. Incredible, awesome, really amazing….. I want to explain this app as a revolution… I am pretty happy to spend even £200 or more for an app like this… hundreds of thousand of thanks to the inventor… it has just made me a better singer….

  8. Wow wow wow! Worth every penny, I have just started singing after 30 years and this little app has boosted my confidence more than anything. I cannot aford singing lessons and don’t have the time. This app makes singing fun and like a game. Spot on, thank you so much!

  9. Thanks for such a great app! I have been in a choir for years but for the last 2 years i have had to help direct the choir. Very scary giving a note when you’re used to copying the difficult notes from someone next to you. The feedback that tells me exactly how close i am to the note gives me the confidence i needed in having to stand alone. I need alot of ear training as well and i know this helps but if there’s something else in the app specific to that please let me know. Thanks again!

  10. I’m a beginner here, although I took formal lessons when I was 18 years old I went from not able to sing on key, to a nice mezzo soprano voice My lessons focused on breathing and exercise of the voice, then added Italian classical songs in my practice After a year my voice improved so much that I took up public singing of solos I loved my voice!! I went off to college and stopped lessons I still love to sing and am starting up again Your app resembles the voice lessons at 18 I can see myself doing this for a long time I’ve looked at so many different apps, and yours is the best fit for me I love it and will recommend it to my friends !!! I have one question, I’m 60 years old Are there any suggestions for me in training?

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