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In addition to displaying the six standard voice types, the My Range tab also shows your vocal range history when scrolled down. To reveal it, simply push the section that contains the six standard voice types (Bass, Baritone, etc.) up toward the piano keyboard. After you complete at least one session, you will notice the app also automatically scrolls down to your range history on start-up*.

The range history section displays how your vocal range has been improving over time, as well as your pitch accuracy for every note within your range. Use this as a way to track your progress, and to identify holes/gaps in your range where you may be consistently missing certain notes.

The vocal range history takes the shape of a green blob that we like to call Vocal Blobâ„¢ and shows the lowest and the highest notes you were able to hit during each session, as well as your accuracy for the notes in between. Portions of your Vocal Blob that appear solid green represent perfect hits, while transparent spaces represent complete, repeated misses for the corresponding notes. As you practice the lessons included within the app regularly, your vocal range history shape should get wider and become more solid green — unless, of course, you’ve had former voice training and your Vocal Range Blob is already wide and solid green to start with.

As you use this application, do not rush to get a wider range. Instead, focus on practicing the voice training programs regularly and letting your vocal skills develop naturally over time. As you practice, your musical hearing will also get better, and you’ll be able to control your vocal muscles with ease to hit the notes you want.

* If you would like to see the standard voice types again, simply scroll up, and the top portion will lock into place.

– Vocal Blob is a trademark of Erol Studios Inc.

13 thoughts on “Session History”

    1. The app gives you a maximum of 100 points for each time a pattern repeats. For example, if a lesson plays a pattern 12 times based on your current vocal range, the maximum number of points you can get for that lesson — if you hit every single note with 100% accuracy — would be 1200. This would be displayed as 1200 points / 12 keys.

  1. Firstly, great app. It has really helped me to develop pitch and agility. One aspect that I would like to see in a future update is more info about how far I have progressed. For instance, charts showing when I have improved my points total or pitch accuracy similar to the Nike+ running records each run I do and gives me a target to beat. It could also show specific notes or interval that I need to improve my accuracy on. Is this something you have considered?

  2. Hi Erda,

    Since the points only update if I’ve beat my last score, is there a way I can mathematically figure it out after each session when the note percentages are displayed? I don’t always beat my score, especially when I try to use different vowels in the lessons.

    1. Hi Jenn, this is a great point. We’ll simply display your score at the end of each lesson so you don’t have to calculate it yourself. Please stay tuned for the next release.

        1. This feature has now been added in version 1.3 of the app. Update your copy for free from the App Store.

  3. i agree, percentage would be great, also a graph so we can keep track of the evolution of our score.
    can’t wait for the next update !
    thanks for the great app

  4. How do you reset statistics? I was playing with the settings myself to become familiar; but want to use this with a different voice type

    1. Hi, to reset statistics, remove the app from your device and reinstall it from the App Store. If you’ve made any In-App purchases, be sure to use the “Restore Purchases” button under Settings to restore your add-ons (after reinstall).

  5. Does anybody know how to clear the vocal range blob? My wife used the application a couple of days just to try it and determine if she would buy it on her phone but know the blob in my phone is showing what she did in her voice range. I need to clear that history, any clue?

    1. Hi, to remove the history, simply remove the app from your device and download it again from the App Store. Be sure to use the same account when you first purchased the app, so you don’t pay again. Cheers.

  6. Love your app. The only thing that I would like to see different is when your score is displayed after an exercise. I would like for your score and your highest score to be displayed side by side. So I don’t have to remember or go back to see if I beat my old high score.

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