Erol Singer’s Studio™

Learn to sing with real-time visual feedback
A complete voice and ear training program for singers of all levels from absolute beginner to advanced.
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Progress through Levels

72 fun lessons are organized into easy-to-follow training programs based on level, so you can focus on learning.

Enjoy Real-Time Feedback

During the exercises, notes you will sing are shown as blue/green bubbles. The blue line shows your actual pitch.

Get a Detailed Analysis

Get a detailed analysis of your performance. Slow down the tempo to work on problem areas.

Start with the Basics

Enjoy lessons designed for all levels of singers, including those who have never taken voice lessons before.

Visualize your Vocal Breaks

Work on smooth transitions between your registers. Whatever your level, use the app to identify your problem areas.

Replay your Performance

Replay and review any part of your performance and go over how you did. Smart practice makes perfect.

Track your Vocal Range

Configure your range manually, or let the app detect it automatically for you. Track your vocal range over time.

Enjoy No-brainer Training

Each training program contains everything you need for a day's practice, 5 to 10 minutes¹ start to finish.

Download Today for Free

Free to download and try, Erol Singer's Studio provides beginner levels completely free! See how fun singing is.
Free to download and try:
Erol Singer's Studio comes with 72 voice lessons designed to improve your singing voice. With regular use of the app, your breathing, tone, range, and vocal flexibility will improve, and you will sound better singing.
The app also includes 60 exercises for scales, arpeggios, and intervals to improve your ear, and a custom exercise editor (currently iOS-only) for users who'd like to enter their own exercises or snippets of songs.