Version 2.0 is now in Beta testing!

I am pleased to announce our biggest update ever: Version 2.0 of Erol Singer’s Studio!

New features in v2.0:
– All new 3D rendered Breathing & Posture animations!
– Lesson review with playback! (hear how you sounded and review your pitch line for each key)
– Microphone monitoring! (hear how you sound as you sing)
– Playback of audio examples with full pitch display
– A new Today Widget/Extension for your Notification Center!
– Volume control panel (use this to enable microphone monitoring)
– Pinch pitch display to hide it to test your pitch skills without the visual feedback / Expand to peek
– Practice time tracking & practice reminders
– An all new Tutorial system
– Feature reminders if/when you haven’t used a feature in a long time
– Swipe left/right to open next/previous lesson without closing view
– Simplified score display via a new score bar
– 64-bit support
– Fully tested on iOS 9 and 10
– Higher resolution support for newer iPhones with large screens
– Fully rewritten audio driver for super smooth pitch tracking
– Full delay compensation for accurate scoring in fast-paced lessons
– Metronome (click track)
– Side-scrolling pitch view for free-flowing lessons
– Pause/Resume support
– Automatic rotation recommendation
– Restored Bluetooth support (but still not recommended)
– Multiple color scheme options (including several for various types of color blindness)
– Display of lesson length and current key’s position in lesson
– Highlighting of vocal range on piano keyboard within lessons
– Accuracy strip that shows accuracy across range within lesson pages
– Other performance and visual improvements

On top of all of this, our state of the art octave-accurate pitch detector got even better: Solid detection for very low male voices and two new dedicated pitch detectors for lip and tongue trills!

We are currently aiming for a January 2017 release. As usual, this will be a free update for all current users of Erol Singer’s Studio.

Happy Singing!

P.S. We plan to increase the price of the app after v2.0’s release to cover the development costs for this major update. This is a great time to buy before the price increase, and upgrade for free when 2.0 becomes available. Please note that v2.0 will require iOS 9.3 or greater. On older devices that don’t support iOS 9, you can continue to use v1.9 of the app.

Update: Version 2.0 is now available on the App Store. Update your copy today!