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Erol Singer’s Studio™

Improve your singing with instant visual feedback. A complete voice and ear training program for singers of all levels from absolute beginner to advanced.
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Erol Singer's Studio has defined a new genre of voice training software since 2012, and has helped tens of thousands of users transform their singing:
  • 72 world-class voice lessons designed by an award winning singer and voice teacher
    • Includes posture lessons and breathing exercises
  • Automatic detection of vocal range and customization of lessons for your range
  • Accurate real-time (live) pitch detector designed specifically for voice lessons
    • Detects lip and tongue trills that are staples of voice training better than any software we've tested (trill mode gets enabled in specialized trill lessons)
  • Patented display technology designed specifically for voice lessons
  • In-lesson reminders from virtual teacher to avoid common mistakes
  • 60 ear training exercises for scales, intervals, and arpeggios to expand your musicianship
  • Available for iOS® (iPhone® & iPad®) and Windows® 10 PCs
Through major improvements we've implemented over the years, we continue to set the standard for software-guided voice training. Don't waste your time with subpar imitations. Give our software a try to see why it is years ahead of all the attempts to imitate it. Best of all, we've recently made Erol Singer's Studio free to download and try!
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